Technical Diving

Technical diving has now become a popular activity with divers looking to go that bit deeper, for that bit longer and see that little bit more in a safe way.
Join our technical diving trips and travel along stunning walls, through deep canyons and into silent wrecks that are teeming with marine life; that’s the incredible journey and adventure waiting for you at Sinai Blues.
Qualified technical divers have the choice of exploring Sinai Blues house reef at Four Seasons Resort, which has depths of over 100m, or joining daily boat and RIB diving trips to venture to SS Thistlegorm, Shark and Yolanda Reef and the Caves at Jackfish Alley (Ras Mohamed National Park) or the world known Thomas Reef Canyon and Arches, located in the nearby Straits of Tiran.
You will plan and execute your technical dives together with an experienced instructor who will share his extensive knowledge of our lucky underwater environment, ensuring you maximum enjoyment and safety.
Warm water, clear visibility, and a unique topography will make your technical dives at Sinai Blues unforgettable self-challenging experiences.