Kids Activities

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Younger Guests


At Sinai Blues, we view our younger guests just as highly as any other guest making sure we offer them a fun, entertaining and educational experience. All our activities include younger generation programs, sports and education, from diving, snorkeling and water sports to fish talks, dolphin spotting tours and much more. Please ask on line or at the center for what is on offer and for any special offers during your stay.

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Kids Diving


PADI has tailor made its courses to adapt to all ages to safely teach and entertain all age groups. For more information on the activities below, please check the PADI website:



  • Bubblemaker
  • Junior Scuba Diver
  • Junior Open Water Diver
  • Junior Advanced Open Water Diver
  • Junior Rescue Diver


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Kids Snorkelling


Younger guests get days of fun and education from snorkelling. We offer a personalised supervised program where our team of instructors teach children of all ages the skills and expertise required to enjoy the wonders of the Red Sea in a safe and fun manner.


Kids Water Sports


No explanation is needed to express the fun children get from our wide range of inflatable rides and water sports. Needless to say we run special trips for them providing a guide and teaching where necessary. Water sports are fully supervised at all times and handled in a safe but exhilarating manner. For our really young guests, parental or guardian supervision is required as a safety measure.


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Kids Extras


At Sinai Blues we really value our younger guests, which is why we offer additional activities for them and are always looking for new and exciting excursions for them. Make sure you check with us online or at the dive centre for friendly advice on what we have on offer.