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About Snorkelling

Snorkelling is by far the easiest way to really relax, enjoy, see and interact with the amazing wonders of the Red Sea. Coral and the food chain need sunlight to survive so most of the sea life and fish are very close to the surface. The simple experience of gliding on the surface with a mask, snorkel and fins, gazing at the spectacle below the surface of the Red Sea is very hard to beat and draws beginners and professionals back to Egypt time and time again. The simple freedom of movement coupled with the sensation of flying will give you hours and days of fun plus you will never run out of things to see.

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House Reef Snorkelling

The act of simply stepping off our own private jetty instantly opens up the wonders of the calm and tranquil Red Sea making our house reef ideal for snorkellers of all standards. We are incredibly fortunate to be located on one of the best house reefs along the whole of the Sharm El Sheikh coastline. Fish life abounds from right below the jetty spreading out for hundreds of meters in both directions. As you swim along with the gentle reef wall full of corals and fish on one side, you have the open "blue" stretching away on the other.

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RIB Snorkelling

Once one has exausted the house reef, guests are welcome to hop on our daily RIB departures from the resort's private jetty to enjoy a guided snorkel trip on alternative reefs just a short speedboat ride away. This truly opens up endless sites and options whether you take just a ten minute ride to our local sites or go further afield to the reefs of the Straits of Tiran or Tiran Island itself with its beaches and lagoons. The Straits of Tiran hold four of the world’s top reef pinnacles where currents sweep through, kicking off the food chain and bringing a plethora of fish life close to the reefs.

Either join a scheduled departure with other guests from the hotel or for a more exclusive experience, charter a private boat and guide for yourself.

Whilst there is far more than you could ever wish to see locally and in the Striaghts of Tiran and Tiran Island it is also possible to go further afield to the Ras Mohammed National Park by RIB.

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Daily Boat Snorkelling

Our daily boats offer even further ways for you to relax and explore the sea, running half and full day trips out to many different locations. Snorkelling from these comfortable boats is just pure pleasure, with ladders making enterting and exiting the water effortless. Showers and bathrooms making rinsing the sea salt off a piece of cake, while the sun decks provide you the with chance to dry off between your plunges. There are also air conditioned saloons for guests to cool off in during the warmer months of the year.

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Snorkel Guides

Our house reef has little or no currents making it impossible to get lost or confused on it, which is why it is safe enough for guests to explore without a guide. If any of our guests are more comfortable with an experienced member of staff with them, or maybe want someone with good local knowledge to explain what they are seeing then we can provide an instructor/guide to do just that.

All snorkelling trips whether by RIB or motor yacht have a guide onboard for our guests' safety and convenience. Our guides explain safety procedures, the itinerary of the trip, the site(s) that are to be visited as well as information on what our guests can expect to see along with things that ought to be avoided in the water. The guide accompanies our guests in the water at all times as a guide to point out interesting things, answer any questions anyone may have on the marinelife and lastly but equally as importantly, for the safety of our guests.

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Snorkelling & Diving

Without doubt, snorkelling provides our guests with days, weeks and years of pleasure and fun, having said that, some people find they would like to try diving after a while and snorkelling is the perfect way to build up confidence and water skills to give it a go. Our dive centre staff and instructors are on hand to discuss the options with any of our guests who wish to go that little bit deeper...

Snorkelling Equipment

We carry a large stock of top of the range snorkelling equipment for rent and to purchase. If we don't have what you are looking for, we will endeavour to source it in for you.