Basic Nitrox Course

Sun, 06/20/2010 - 10:00 - _DSC9240Flickr Ever thought you could complete a one-hour dive at 24m without any deco? Or even a two hour dive at 18m? Just think where you could apply all that extra time: You could hang out with the hammerheads on Jackson Reef in Tiran, tour the upper decks of the famous WW2 wreck of the SS Thistlegorm, hover with the barracudas and snappers at Shark Reef in the Ras Mohammed National Park or simply spend more time at the regular depths of your favorite dive sites. The result is the same, more time at depth. Take a look at the official tables.


By the way, you already are a Nitrox diver (kind of!). Nitrox is oxygen and nitrogen in a scuba tank. You already have that with air, however, Nitrox by name, simply indicates that you have more oxygen and less nitrogen than normal breathing air and we all know that less nitrogen means more bottom time. There are significant considerations with higher oxygen diving which must be learnt in a structured course. Despite its relative simplicity, you still can’t just grab a Nitrox tank and go diving (well, not just yet anyway!). During the course you’ll learn all the basics for safe and enjoyable Nitrox diving and how you can use it to get more out of your time underwater.


Here’s a list of what you can expect:


  • Less tiredness after diving
  • Longer bottom times
  • Being further away from the limits of air diving
  • How to analyse your Nitrox tank and know what’s inside
  • How to mark a tank and log the mix for safety
  • How to know your safe depth and time limits for Nitrox diving
  • How to use tables and computers for Nitrox diving
  • How to handle emergencies
  • And a look at how Nitrox is made


About the course


The Basic Nitrox course is a 1 day course and as the course name suggests, it’s ‘basic’.

All entry-level divers will have a firm handle on basic Nitrox diving after a couple of hours of theory. Sinai Blues and TDI recommend two dives during training but no dives are actually mandatory before certification. What is required is a degree of knowledge which allows divers to safely plan and conduct non-decompression dives with Nitrox mixtures containing a maximum oxygen content of 40%.


Who can enroll on a Basic Nitrox Course?


  1. You must be a minimum age of 15 years old.
  2. You must have a minimum certification of Open Water Diver
  3. You should possess the relevant level of health and fitness for scuba diving