Fri, 11/14/2008 - 11:47 - Shipwrecks 2Flickr The Red Sea is steeped in maritime history, from ancient times to the Second World War and the latter parts of the 20th Century, many great shipwrecks floundered near to Sharm El Sheikh.

Close to home in the Straits of Tiran we have the wrecks KORMORAN, (formerly known as Zingara), and MILLION HOPE. Both are within a 20min speedboat ride from the from the resort, but are only accessible when the sea conditions allow us.

A small journey past Ras Mohammed to Sha’ab Mahmoud lays the wreck of the steam and sail ship SS DUNRAVEN. Floundering in 1876 on passage from Bombay to England, this beautiful all weather dive is ideal for beginner and experienced divers alike.

Further afield is the famous wreck of SS THISTLEGORM, a 126m WWII vessel that lies 20km away near the Gulf of Suez. This ship is one of the most famous ship wrecks in the world. She starts at 13m at her shallowest point and goes down to 30m at her deepest. Due to her depth and the challenging currents in the area, she is better suited to the more able and experienced diver. Once on the wreck, you will be treated to a time-trap of 1941 wartime cargo and a journey through the annals of history. The marine life here is also worthy in its own right with huge grouper, tuna and small life all taking advantage of both the shelter that the wreck provides as well as the the rich food source the daily currents bring. A day on the SS Thistlegorm is a day to remember.

Crossing the Gulf of Suez brings us to Abu Nuhas reef, which translates from arabic means "father of copper" and relates to an old wreck carrying this as cargo. This reef is and has been a natural shipping hazard for centuries and holds at least four wrecks suitable for diving on, two of which are the famous GHIANNIS D and SS CARNATIC.

Also on our itinerary is the not so well known but truly incredible shipwreck ROSALIE MÖLLER, another WWII ship which sunk on the far side of the Gulf of Suez behind Gubal Island, two days after SS Thistlegorm. This is a wreck only for experienced divers as she lies in 50 meters of water, with the deck at around 30 meters.