Photography & Media

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Photography Services - You and your camera

Sinai Blues has a long history of photographic expertise with a resident in-house photographer. We also run photography courses allowing you to get the most out of your camera and enabling you to capture the Red Sea in all its glory. For many of our guests, diving with us is their first ever experience of scuba diving so why not capture all on photo. With out resident photographer and the fantastic back drop of the Red Sea, it is a perfect combintation to create those ever lasting memories of your first dip under the water with. With modern digital technology today, there are a number of uses for the photos either you take or you have taken of you! Perfect for personalised gifts!

Photographers can be hired for any underwater occasion or experience including courses, guided dives or more recently… an underwater marriage proposal! Ask at the counter for details of all our photography services.


Media Services

Many filming companies visit the Red Sea to make nature programs, documentaries or feature films and dramas. News and sports channels are also regular visitors to the Red Sea and Sharm El Sheikh in particular. Rather than hiring a scout or Mr Fixit to scour Sharm for ideas, companies can save a great deal of time and money by having the Sinai Blues facilitate their logistics, resources and time schedules for Red Sea filming activities. We have a professional management team, staff that are highly experienced in big media projects, transportation, large capacity boats with trained crews, multiple onboard power points and charging facilities, onboard video and sound equipment and support vessels to accommodate several film crews at one time. Recent projects include a 16-person Tech Diving filming expedition (Global Underwater Explorer divers), a British corporate advertising campaign, a Bollywood Indian feature film and the facilitating of a production team in filming a documentary about Red Sea shipwrecks.

In conjunction with the Four Seasons Resort, Sharm El Sheikh, Sinai Blues is an ideal centre to handle the many often bespoke requirements of international film crews and production teams.

Please contact us with details of your projects so that we can provide a plan of how best to assist.