Red Sea

Thu, 11/28/2013 - 07:46 - Red Sea 1Flickr How lucky we are to have one of the world’s most incredible and unique seas located on our doorstep. The Red Sea is a relatively trapped, very deep body of water often exceeding +2000m. At the North end are the Gulfs of Aqaba and Suez while at the South end it narrows to just 29km wide and 134m deep where it meets the Indian Ocean. This entrapment of the sea results in the warmest waters at depth and the saltiest open sea in the world, protecting species found only in the Red Sea and stunning environmental conditions like no other place on earth.

From a diving viewpoint, the Red Sea represents one big playground of exploration, opportunities and the chance to interact responsibly with up to 1,350 species of fish and over 300 types of coral. Visibility reaches 40m on good days and water temperatures are between 21c and 30c.

The Red Sea is still largely a vast wilderness with many areas hardly explored, yet a long history as an important international waterway has resulted in a selection of world-class shipwrecks to dive on. 

The Red Sea was formed by the African and Arabian tectonic plate movement and is a constantly changing and moving sea. The Great Rift crack between these plates runs all the way up through the Red Sea and the Aqaba Gulf up through the Dead Sea and beyond. Creating massive depths of +2000m, the Rea Sea is the warmest body of water at depth on earth due to volcanic warming. This makes the Red Sea totally unique on the planet and attracting and creating unique forms of bio diversity.




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