Our Fleet

Thu, 04/28/2011 - 11:13 - Fleet 1Flickr

At Sinai Blues, we are proud to introduce our much talked about fleet of boats. The fleet consists of large displacement daily boats, off shore and in shore RIBs, fibre glass speed and water sports boats.

To ensure top class quality and high class safety standards, we run a regular service and maintenance programme on every single one of our vessels.

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The flagship of our fleet is ideal for all requirements, from group diving and snorkeling trips, private cruises and sunset trips, private functions and dinner to private technical and media trips. She boasts a very large sun deck with two separate sun bathing areas aswell as a shaded seating area with a small bar which is perfect for large groups.


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Sanafir Waver is our second daily boat with an upper deck ideal for both shaded seating and sunbathing. There is an additional large sunbathing area at the bow of the boat with a smart saloon inside the boat with a lounge area, bathroom and shower.

Although Sanafir Waver does not come with an onboard chef, food can be ordered from Room Service in the resort and be delivered to the centre prior to departure. Food can be loaded onboard for the crew to serve during the cruise.

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By far the fastest of all the RIBs in Sharm let alone in Sinai Blues, we are proud to present to you Excess.

In good sea conditions, Excess can reach the world famous WWII shipwreck SS Thistlegorm, in less than 1 hour, (the average daily boat taking 5-6 hours)!

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Our second biggest RIB is Tornado, almost but not quite as fast as Excess, although she certainly pushes Excess to her limit!

Tue, 09/08/2015 - 12:17 - Wave RunnerFlickr

Third in line in our fleet of RIBs is Wave Runner. Perfect for smaller sized groups for private cruising, snorkelling and diving trips.


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Despite being the smallest of the fleet, Water Sports is a busy boat! With her towing arch, she is busy most days towing the watersports rides such as the banana boat, the chair, the flyer, water skiing, wake-boarding and knee-boarding. She is also used for private cruises, snorkelling and diving trips of very small sizes.


Mon, 04/02/2012 - 11:07 - Boshra 8.5 Meter Rinker. Mercruiser 390hpFlickr

For luxurious cruises and snorkelling trips we have our fibreglass speedboat Boshra. With an intimate sundeck and speakers, she has the perfect set up for a smooth and exclusive trip. Why not order a bottle of "bubbles" from the beach bar and have it delivered to the dive centre so that we can have it waiting on ice for your prior to your departure!