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Is scuba diving safe?


Scuba diving can be simple and easy. It’s as safe as you want it to be and the ability of the person and centre who teach you. Until you learn to dive and gain experience then you won’t necessarily know what safe is. It’s not just about avoiding drowning or getting decompression sickness; you can injure your ears, lungs and sinuses or cut yourself against coral or marine life if you leave training to chance, act foolishly or take unnecessary risks. Choose an instructor and dive centre like you would choose any other professional person – by reputation, experience and attitude.

Under an experienced watchful eye and a professionally structured course then YOU will know what’s safe or not. The rest is up to you. Never cut corners or dive when you don’t feel up to it. You will develop all the skills and know-how you need for decades of safe, enjoyable and injury-free diving.


What’s included?


There is often some confusion around the different centers about what is included in the prices of diving courses. Aside from the tuition are training manuals, DVD’s, scuba equipment, certification and boat diving.

If you don’t see a specific course or experience on our website then do please ask. PADI are a popular training agency with a variety of programs to suit all levels, however, there are many agencies and programs and sometimes guests enquire about others. Technical divers, for example, are often represented by many agencies such as DSAT, TDI, GUE, PSA, IANTD. Whilst we may not have instructors holding all these ratings we are able to facilitate regular guests of these agencies to dive the way they have been trained and prefer.

Sinai Blues is very popular for families and children, so please check the course pre-requisites for age limits and class sizes. As a policy, and to ensure a greater level of service, we keep classes small, however for juniors between 10 and 12 years old we can only take a maximum of 2 in a total class of 4. Additional instructors are available to increase ratios.


What medical conditions do I need to be aware of?


We don’t need to be super athletes to scuba dive, however, a reasonable level of health and fitness is required to engage in this activity. It is important to note that diving has additional considerations about health compared to other sports. For example, the mere act of submersion involves the existence of water pressure, which in turn has an effect on our breathing, circulatory and hearing physiologies to name but a few. Certain medical conditions or the taking of prescription drugs may require a moderation or adjustment of our diving activities. In rare cases, diving may not take place at all until cleared by a qualified diving doctor. In this respect, a medical questionnaire must be completed by ALL students undergoing training. This is an agency standard and also local law. The main reason is, of course, to keep you safe and make you aware of a potential risk that you wouldn’t have realised yourself as a novice diver.
Existing medical conditions do not necessarily exclude you from diving but it is important to understand their significance in the diving environment. Please see the attached medical questionnaire and read all the questions. They must be answered with a YES or a NO. A YES answer requires you to obtain medical clearance by a qualifed diving doctor.. This can be your own or by our recommended diving physicians here in Sharm El Sheikh. Either way, they will need to sign and stamp your form following a medical assessment and certify whether you can dive or not. There is a charge to pay for this service in Sharm plus the transportation to the facility outside the hotel.


What about safety?


Sinai Blues operates under a number of different safety standards. They range from those required by law, membership of professional bodies, accreditation by the Ministry of Tourism and of course our own brand name standards which we have built up over the years. Each member of staff conducting any activity on our premises is of at least two professional bodies.
Our boats are all licensed and fulfill all safety standards required, not just by local agencies, but international maritime and coastguard agencies too, (IMO: International Maritime Organisation). Our very capable and experienced Egyptian captains and crew all hold the required local licenses and certificates, but have also been trained by commercially licensed and experienced English captains. We still employ full time English captains to manage and continually train the crew and maintain the required safety standards of the boats. They are also well trained and educated in the correct way to treat our VIP clientele to ensure they have a fun and yet safe trip on the sea.

All our boats, from our large displacement craft right down to our smallest RIBs (zodiacs) are constantly maintained by our own qualified and licensed marine technician.